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Digital Business Platform

Metanet provides the way to advance transformation by
Consulting, innovation by Digital, the future by Technology
and enhances business efficiency by Operations.

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Metanet’s digital offerings are trusted by leading enterprises and governments as key enablers of long-term growth plans.
We help businesses and governments successfully transform their business models with next-generation digital technologies

  • Consulting
    Consulting Metanet helps digital innovation using global knowledge and network as an exclusive partner of Accenture in Korea. More Detail
  • Digital
    Digital Experts armed with a Design Thinking provide differentiated services by conducting digital transformation with a focus on users. More Detail
  • Technology
    Technology Metanet provides in-depth and innovative IT services to customers that keeps pace with the 4th industrial revolution. More Detail
  • Operations
    Operations Metanet provides IT outsourcing, business process, and business service so that customers can perform their business effectively. More Detail
Digital Business Platform

Metanet provides the largest comprehensive digital business platform in Korea. 
We've helped hundreds of large and small enterprises and government offices improve their performance
and global competitiveness through digital innovation. Why not let us help you, too?

  • Metanet Global Metanet Global
    formerly Accenture Korea
    Metanet Global is a new name for Accenture Korea, and it is Accenture’s exclusive partner in Korea.
    Metanet Global
  • Metanet Agile Metanet Agile Metanet Agile is leading Digital Marketing Transformation of Korean global companies.
    Metanet Agile
  • Metanet Tplatform Metanet Tplatform Metanet Tplatform is a leading total IT infrastructure services firm providing a comprehensive IT infrastructure solutions and services to support clients on their digital innovations.
    Metanet Tplatform
  • Metanet Fintech Metanet Fintech Metanet Fintech is an integrated financial IT service provider that combines financial engineering and IT and provides best-in-class financial solutions to more than 50 clients of banks and security, insurance, asset management companies.
    Metanet Fintech
  • Metanet RPA Metanet RPA AI, RPA/RDA solution development and service company
    Metanet RPA
  • Metanet DT Metanet DT Metanet DT is supporting digital innovation of business enterprises and government in public service/SOC, financial services, manufacturing and education industry.
    Metanet DT
  • UTIMOST INS UTIMOST INS UTIMOST INS is providing end-user computing integration consulting and maintenance services for a wide range of domestic and international enterprises and public institutions.
  • NexGen NCG NexGen NCG NexGen NCG offers strong IT architecture-based consulting and solutions to support digital innovation of business enterprises and governments.
    NexGen NCG
  • Encore Encore encore is a data specialist group with over 100 experts covering the end-to-end data business category from data design.
  • Metanet Mplatform Metanet Mplatform Metanet Mplatform provides differentiated contact center service that integrates CRM, based on rich experience in the contact center consulting and outsourcing area.
    Metanet Mplatform
  • Billpost Billpost Billpost is the largest direct mail fulfillment service company in Korea with unrivaled IT competence and digital printing infra.
  • IGM IGM IGM is the best educational institution specialized in CEO and leader education in Korea.

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