Executive leadership

Young S. Choi Chairman and CEO, Founder of Metanet
Young S. Choi

Chairman and CEO Young S. Choi founded Metanet in 2000 and also serves as the CEO of A.T. Kearney Korea, a global management consulting agency.

With over 30 years’ experience, Mr. Choi has been one of the most successful consulting professionals, introducing management consulting services in Korea. In 1982, Mr. Choi began the management consulting, M&A advisory and accounting audit groups at Deloitte Touche Tomatsu. Having founded Consulting Services Group Inc. (CSG), Mr. Choi has led a wide variety of major consulting projects for Korea’s leading enterprises. Before founding Metanet in 2000, Mr. Choi served as CEO of PwC Consulting Korea and is a member of the firm’s Asia Board of Directors from 1998-2000.

As CEO of Metanet, Korea’s largest professional services firm, Mr. Choi is committed to helping Korean companies and government organizations improve their performance and become globally competitive.

Recently named one of the “Top 100 CEOs in Korea” for his outstanding leadership by a prestigious Korean business newspaper, Mr. Choi plays a pivotal role in organizations such as the Korea CEO Forum, and consistently engages pro bono for the good of Korean society.

Mr. Choi earned his bachelor's degree in Economics from Yonsei University and completed the Global Management Program at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Jungsik Park CEO, Metanet Global
Jungsik Park

Jungsik Park serves as the CEO of Metanet Global.

After starting his consulting career as a consultant in Arthur Anderson in 1997, he served as an executive in Deloitte Consulting Director and then as Executive Director in IBM Korea. Since joining Metanet DT as Vice President in 2018,

CEO Park has been leading digital innovation in a wide range of industry sectors including manufacturing, finance and distribution. He is recognized as one of the foremost digital experts in Korea

He graduated from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies with a bachelor's degree in business administrations and earned a master's degree in science in accountancy from Western Michigan University.

Changyull Lee CEO, Metanet DT
Changyull Lee

Changyull Lee serves as the CEO of Metanet DT.

After starting his career at IBM Korea, he worked for Microsoft and AT Kearney before serving as CEO of Nexgen NCG, an affiiliate of Metanet Group, and CEO of Metanet Global. From 2012 to 2016, he held key positions at Metanet DT, including Head of the Office of Strategy and Planning, Chief of the Strategy and Technology Sector and Chief of the Public Sector.

With 21 years of experiences in local and international IT businesses, he is a recognized expert who has led large projects including strategy and consulting.

He earned his bachelor's degree in chemistry from Seoul National University.

Konjon Lee CEO, Metanet Tplatform
Konjon Lee

Konjon Lee has been overseeing Metanet Tplatform’s cloud business as the CEO since 2019.

Earlier he served as Executive Director of Outsourcing and Cloud at IBM Korea. In 2017 he joined Metanet DT as Chief of the New Growth Sector and has been CEO of Metanet Tplatform since 2019.

As a holder of bachelor's degree in statistics earned from Korea University, he is a recognized IT expert with 29 years of experiences including 10 in cloud.

Ted Jeong CEO, Metanet DT
Ted Jeong

Ted Jung oversees management support for Metanet Technology's service business and also serves as CEO of Management Support for Metanet DT, Metanet Tplatform and Metanet Global.

Before joining Metanet DT as CEO of Management Support in 2019, he worked as COO and CFO of IBM Korea.

As a holder of bachelor's degree in economics earned from Sogang University, he is an expert in finance and support with 24 years of experiences.

Sangjin Park CEO, Metanet Mplatform
Sangjin Park

Sang-jin Park is CEO of Metanet Mplatform and has been responsible for business services in Metanet since 2019.

In 1994 he joined Samsung Group’s information strategy team, before serving as the chief information officer of Samsung SDS, CIO of DB Group. and the vice president of Deloitte Consulting. Prior to joining Metanet Mplatform, Mr. Park was the CEO of Hansol Secure Co.

Mr. Park earned his bachelor's and master's degree in engineering from Western Illinois University and a doctorate in industrial technology engineering from Iowa State University.

Jaeki Jung CEO, Metanet Mplatform
Jaeki Jung

Jaeki Jung manages business services in Metanet and is responsible for management support.

Jaeki Jung has previously worked as a manager at a leading Korean bank in a role accountable for corporate loans and treasury. Mr. Jung has since worked in a corporate restructuring company where he was responsible for M&As and project financing. Mr. Jung has also served as the Chief Operating Officer of a leading leisure company and a leading smart card manufacturing company.

Mr. Jung earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Korea University.


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