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Metanet is the largest professional services firm in Korea and a trustworthy digital innovation partner of Korean enterprises and government. Metanet is a specialist in digital-enabled business transformation and process outsourcing to help clients focus on strategic core competency areas.

Metanet has set out an inspiring vision of becoming the most admired digital innovation partner in Asia by 2020.

  • 2000 Established in
  • NO.1 Korea’s largest
    independent business
    services firm
  • 9 Metanet Companies
  • 800
    billion KRW
    Revenue / Year
  • 9,000 Employees


Metanet’s digital enabled offerings are trusted by leading enterprises and governments as key enablers of long-term growth plans. We help business and governments transform into successful business models with digital-enabled technologies.

Driving The Future IT
Application Services
Alliance Ecosystem
Optimizing Across The Lifecycle
Application Development
Application Outsourcing
Application Modernization
Technology Consulting
IT Strategy and Architecture
Application-enabled Strategy
Insights and Analytics
Meta Pay
Meta University ERP
Metanet CIMS-E
Meta Solme
M Cloud
  • Application
  • Infrastructure
  • Security
  • Business Process
  • Contact Center
  • Direct Mail Fulfillment
  • Digital Printing
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Insurance Brokerage Service

Foot Print

2000 Establishment of Metanet
and Metanet SNC
Entered consulting and IT outsourcing,
and business services industry
2004 Metanet MCC
Entered Contact Center and
Outsourcing Services Industry
2007 Billpost
Entered CRM Solution Service Industry
Entered Direct Marketing Service Industry
2012 Daewoo Information Systems Co.,
Acquired a leading application
& Infra outsourcing firms
Remark Korea
Entered Insurance Consulting Service Industry
2015 Comas
Acquired Korea's leading IT Infrastructure and
Security Solution provider
NURI Solution
Acquired Korea's leading banking IT service provider
2016 Metanet Global
(formerly Accenture Korea)


2007년-134,668 백만원, 2008년-147,823백만원, 2009년-170,098백만원, 2010년-228,394백만원, 2011년-266,960백만원, 2012년-533,121백만원, 2013년-533,966백만원, 2014년-715,761백만원, 2015년-725,618백만원, 2016년-761,554백만원의 금융매출을 나타낸 그래프입니다. 또한 사업분야별 매출 비중은 Marketing Services가 34%, IT Services가 66%를 차지하고 있습니다.

Management Teams

Young S. Choi CEO & Chairman
Young S. Choi CEO & Chairman

CEO and chairman Young S. Choi founded Metanet in 2000.

He joined Deloitte Touche Tomatsu in 1982 in audit and tax, advising on M&As and major managerial issues. In 1988, Young S. Choi founded the business consulting firm CSG. In 1998, Young S. Choi served as CEO and president of PwC Consulting Korea, a leader in Korean business consulting market. Young S. Choi served as an Asia board member of PwC Consulting.

As CEO and chairman of Metanet, Korea's largest independent business service provider, Young S. Choi contributes to raising the standard of the management process of companies in Asia. Concurrently, in his role as chairman of A.T. Kearney Korea LLC., a global consulting firm, Young S. Choi is responsible for supporting the competitiveness of companies and government bodies in Asia.

He was once named as one of the top 100 CEOs in Korea for his outstanding leadership by a prestigious Korean business newspaper. Young S. Choi continues to share his insight and hands-on experience by studying and lecturing in academic societies and educational institutions. Young S. Choi performs a pivotal role in organizations like Korea CEO Forum ,and is giving back his sustained pro bono to the society.

Young S. Choi earned a bachelor's degree in Economics from Yonsei University and completed the Global Management Program at Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

Insoo Shin CEO & President of Metanet Inc.
Insoo Shin CEO & President of Metanet Inc.

Insoo Shin manages Metanet Inc.

Insoo Shin is an experienced accounting and finance professional, having served as CFO of PwC Consulting Korea, finance manager and global task force member of IBM Korea, and external auditor of Price Waterhouse.

Insoo Shin holds a B.A. in Business Administration from Yonsei University and an MBA from Yonsei Graduate School of Business Administration and is a licensed Korea Certified Public Accountant.

Taeha Lee CEO & President of Daewoo Information Systems Co.,
Taeha Lee CEO & President of Daewoo Information Systems Co.,

CEO Taeha Lee manages Daewoo Information Systems Co.,

Lee previously worked at IBM Korea, Hyuksung Information System and served as Chief Executive Officer of Comas, a total IT Infrastructure Service company where he successfully addressed the challenges then facing Korea’s leading financial institutions with support for large scale IT infrastructure investment and fault-tolerant requirements.

Lee majored in Business Administration at KyungPook National University.

Jaeki Jung CEO & President of Contact Center Service BU
Jaeki Jung CEO & President of Contact Center Service BU

Jaeki Jung manages the Contact Center Business Unit at Metanet.

Jaeki Jung has previously worked as a manager at a leading Korean bank in a role accountable for corporate loans and treasury. He has since worked in a corporate restructuring company where he was responsible for M&As and project financing.

Jaeki Jung served as the chief operating officer at a leading leisure company and the chief operating officer at a leading smart card manufacturing company.

Jaeki Jung holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Korea University.


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