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Consulting Services

Metanet Global
formerly Accenture Korea

Metanet Global is a consulting firm rebranded from Accenture Korea and Accenture’s Exclusive Partner in Korea.

Combining experience with specialized skills across more than 40 industries and all business functions and leveraging global network, Metanet Global works at the intersection of business and technology to help clients improve their performance and advance digital transformation.

Services : Business strategy and consulting, Technology strategy and consulting, Digital strategy, Digital customers, Digital channels & markets, Digital enterprise, Interactive, Analytics, Mobility, Technology architecture, Cloud, Security, Business process outsourcing, Infrastructure outsourcing

Technology Services

Daewoo Information Systems

Taking an unrivaled lead in public and educational business as the top comprehensive and independent IT service company in Korea

Daewoo Information Systems is a leading independent company specialized in IT service in Korea, and supporting the innovation of the enterprise and government in all industries such as public/SOC, finance, manufacturing, and education, using the digital technology. Daewoo Information Systems is differentiating services by converting them into solutions, in order to provide competitive services such as college administration solutions and capital management solutions, based on the existing IT consulting, SI, and IT outsourcing service.

Services : Customized system integration, Package-based system development, ERP development, IT infrastructure development, IT outsourcing, Application modernization, Industry solutions, Cloud service, AI, RPA, Advanced data analytics, Block chain


Expert company of the IT infrastructure, security, and industrial solution

COMAS is most competitive in the financial IT infrastructure and solution development area, and provides optimal systems and services to the public and financial sector by reflecting various IT requirements. COMAS is also an security solution integrator that selects the best global security solution product in each security area and provides an optimal security solution in an integrated manner, according to customer’s needs. COMAS provides solutions specialized in each industry through constant R&D, based on deep insights into the industry.

Services : Infra services, Data center establishment & relocation, IT infra products, System storage, Infra SW, Cloud service, Security solution, Industry solution

Utimost INS

A company specialized in end-user computing infrastructure solutions and outsourcing

Utimost INS provides integrated end-user computing consulting and maintenance service to various enterprises and public institutions at home and abroad. Utimost INS increases customer value and competitiveness using knowledge-based IT services, systems, and solutions, as a R&D centered company specialized in the infrastructure and ITO that supports customer’s digital transformation.

Services : Infra outsourcing and consulting, IDC & IT service relocation, IT infra systems(Dell, EMC), Cloud platform service, HCI, Virtualization

Metanet Agile

Digital Marketing Transformation Leader

Metanet Agile offers integrated digital interactive services including customer experience consulting, digital commercial platform, digital marketing agency, analytics and digital marketing solutions to fit diverse channel and platform environments and to lead digital market trends.

Services : Service design consulting, UX/UI consulting, Channel service development, Disabled usability & experience, Fintech solution consulting, Analytics, Web accessibility consulting, Marketing Operation, Application management outsourcing, Infrastructure management outsourcing

Metanet Fintech

Integrated Financial IT Service Provider

Metanet Fintech combines financial engineering and IT to provide integrated financial IT services. We have provided more than 50 clients of banks and security, insurance, asset management companies with best-in-class solutions and consulting for financial risk management, loan and account management, compliance, and software/system development as well as maintenance services.

Services : Consulting, Risk management, Loan and account management, Compliance
Solution Products: RiskCraft™.Suite (RiskCraft™.MARKET, RiskCraft ™.DERIVATIVES, RiskCraft ™.CREDIT, RiskCraft ™.OP, RiskCraft ™.RAPM, RiskCraft ™.IFRS)

Metanet Security

Total Security Integrator

Metanet Security provides integrated security services. Our services ensure clients’ business are protected from cyber threats via global leading security technology, intelligence consulting and solutions. Metanet Security is partnering with global leading security vendors to deliver world best products and solutions.

Services : Security Consulting, Security Monitoring & Defend, Security Protection & Response, Security Solutions

NexGen NCG

IT consulting and solution specialist with core competency in architecture

NexGen NCG provides strong IT architecture-based consulting and solutions including enterprise architecture consulting, BPR/ISP consulting, PMO consulting, document capitalization solution, e-note and business continuity management solution (BCMS)

Services : Enterprise Architecture consulting, BPR/ISP consulting, PMO consulting, Document capitalization solution, e-note, BCMS

Business Services

Metanet MCC

No. 1 contact center outsourcing company that provides total CRM solutions

Metanet MCC provides differentiated contact center service that integrates CRM, based on rich experience in the contact center consulting and outsourcing area. At present, 8,000 dedicated staffs in 30 nationwide centers are providing the best quality and service to customers, based on various field experience and stable operation system. Metanet MCC is growing as a stable and well-established company specialized in the contact center.

Services : CRM consulting, Customer care service, Customer acquisition service, Digital platform service, ASP service, AI


A Leading professional in Business Printing & Direct Mail Services

Billpost provides various customized quality business printing services (on-demand printing service) with the highest level of specialty and IT competence in the domestic printing industry and digital printing infrastructure. As a top direct mail fulfillment service company in Korea, Billpost also provides various direct marketing services using DM, and specialized systematic outsourcing services for the entire DM process (from the planning of various DMs to printing, sealing, and data management), such as regular invoices and advices, and promotion.

Services : DM marketing, Commercial printing, Marketing optimization, Print management, Packaging & delivery, Contents on demand


A Leader of Reinsurance and Direct Marketing company in Korea

RDMK designs and implements insurance product development, marketing strategy establishment, and affiliated sale, and provides competitive services, based on the accumulated know-how and experience working for leading financial companies so that financial institutes, banks, insurance companies and affiliated partners can achieve the best marketing result.

Services : Insurance product development, Insurance sales & direct marketing, Reinsurance brokerage


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