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Design & Innovation

Re-defining a relationship between people and digital world, and people and physical world. Experts armed with a designer’s way of thinking supports the setting-up of plans that can provide excellent experience through user-oriented service design. helping customers in simplifying the complex system and maximizing user convenience for the world's top brand, using the people-oriented approach and innovative methodology.


Our digital commerce creates a new and innovative customer itinerary that connects digital and real world using the best solution at home and abroad and various services. Supporting connected and personalized customer experience design in a quick and easy-to-expand way, which encourages customers to make a purchase decision quickly, based on in-depth specialty in the industry. Creating visible results by strengthening an interaction and relationship with the customer, by improving the capability of providing experience that is integrated with the maturity of customer’s digital channel.

Marketing Optimization

Understanding customer’s behavior in the fast-changing digital area and designing optimal digital customer experience. Supporting personalization, marketing automation, and advanced digital analytics from the seamless customer experience perspective, so that the enterprise can make the best marketing performance through the digital channel. For this, Metanet’s unique integrated marketing platform and end-to-end digital BPO service are provided.

Digital Content Management

Providing the end-to-end digital contents management service that encompasses the digital contents management strategy, contents creation, and operation service. Consistent customer experience in the brand is provided in time, by resolving the issue of an increase in contents management complexity and duplicated contents creation due to the diversification of the digital channel, managing the life cycle of the contents, optimizing the contents by channel, and managing contents creation and on-time distribution management.


Providing an end-to-end solution, including mobile strategy, application development, testing, embedded software, and IOT platform. The end-to-end service is provided, based on mobile App development experience (Naver, E-mart, Samsung, Asiana, AXA, SC First Bank Korea, USPS, Petronas, Singapore National Galley) and smart ship development/operation experience (Hyundai Heavy Industries) using the IoT platform.

Data Platform

Data utilization and systematic operation is the basis of innovative business in the enterprise. Providing an end-to-end service, that is, from the strategy to implementation using an optimal solution and stable operation, so that the data (enterprise assets) can be utilized as a platform infrastructure to help enterprise innovation. In particular, the service is expanding by designing and implementing a big data architecture based on the open source and cloud and developing various application programs linked with an intelligent platform to provide a flexible and scalable data use architecture; and the scope of business is also expanded to consumer goods, manufacturing, and distribution with a focus on the financial sector.

Intelligent Platform

Providing an AI (artificial intelligence) based service platform to all service areas with customer needs, when realizing digital transformation. The intelligent platform can provide services using various domestic AI solutions, and will be utilized at the customer contact point and digital channel service in various areas, by linking mobile, cloud, and big data.

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