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Public service

Metanet supports innovation and smart operation of public sector organizations and services while the fourth industrial technology evolves rapidly.
Metanet enhances the efficiency and competitiveness of public sector services using digital technology, and enables the people, local communities, workers, and enterprises to use the services provided by the government and public institutions conveniently.
In particular, Metanet implements various public service IT projects in each sector such as employment welfare, public administration, various tax administration, public finance, etc., and provides end-to-end services from consulting, IT resource integration construction service and its operation based on proven methodologies and technological prowess.

Service Offerings
IT Total Services _ Integrated IT resource development service that combines new fourth industrial technologies
  • Customized system development
  • Package based system development
  • System planning/Analysis/Design/Development
  • Integrated DB development
IT Outsourcing Services _ Total service from IT planning and strategy to development and diagnosis
  • IT outsourcing methodology and consulting
  • IT service management
  • Shared service
Information system development service _ Building the best information system from application system analysis and design, and development
  • Developing the next-generation or next term system by analyzing and design a new or existing system in details.
  • System implementation through development, test and verification
Infrastructure development service _ Optimal and total service from H/W, S/W, N/W analysis & diagnosis to planning and design
  • Developing a total system encompassing hardware, software and solution for information system consulting, design and development.
Employment insurance
National Health Insurance Corporation
  • Big data platform development
  • Reinforced computing equipment for the integrated collection information system.
  • Reinforced the infrastructure.
  • Developed the integrated long-term care information system.
Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service
  • Developed the next-generation screening system for auto insurance.
  • Informatization project
Social Security Information Service
  • Provided the outsourcing service for integrated computer resources maintenance.
Korea Employment Information Service
  • Developed an AI employment service based on the national job information platform.
  • Developed the next-generation ILMOA system.
  • Developed a job portal based on the national job information platform.

Implemented other projects for the affiliated organizations of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, and Ministry of Employment and Labor.

Public administration
Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs
  • Integrated and developed the information resources of the National Computing and Information Agency.
  • Maintained postal business management for the National Computing and Information Agency.
National Information Society Agency
  • Pan-government data platform development project (phase 1)
Korea Local Information Research & Development Institute
  • Maintained the On-nara and document distribution system.
  • Distributed the Cheongbaek-e system throughout the country.
  • Replaced the worn-out equipment of the common infrastructure for city, province, gun and gu, and information security strengthening project.
  • Developed a constant monitoring system for self-governing organizations, and implement a pilot project.

Government-affiliated organizations and local government agencies, such as the National Computing and Information Agency, etc.

Various tax administration
Korea Local Information Research & Development Institute
  • Operated and managed the local tax information system.
  • Maintained the information system for the income other than standard local taxes.
  • Operated and maintained the local financial management system.
Korea Customs Service
  • Developed the fourth-generation disaster recovery system for the National Information Network.
Ministry of National Defense
  • Developed the integrated infrastructure for the defense logistics of national defense facilities.
Korea Education & Research Information Service
  • Maintained EduFine application software.

Other elated public institutions such as the National Tax Service.

Public finance
Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation
  • Integrated information system maintenance project
Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service
  • Developed the next-generation screening system for car insurance.
National Health Insurance Corporation
  • Reinforced computer equipment related to reorganization of the charging system.
Korea Credit Guarantee Fund
  • Developed the phase 1 next-generation information system.
Korea Post
  • Developed and maintained the Korea Post financial system
Seoul Money Brokerage Services
  • Developed the next-generation new foreign exchange brokerage system.

Public Informatization
National Statistical Office
  • Developed the integrated service system for national statistical micro data.
  • Developed the population census and farming village census information, and ICR data input system.
  • Developed the Nara statistics system.
Ministry of Strategy and Finance
  • Developed, operated, and maintained the lottery system.
Korea Student Aid Foundation
  • Integrated maintenance service for the information system
Korea Water Resources Corporation
  • Outsourcing management service for the information service
Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries
  • Developed an integrated marine and port logistics information network.
Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety
  • Developed the integrated information system for nuclear energy safety regulations



Metanet provides automatic fare collection systems, management information systems that collect integrated information from equipment, and information and communication systems needed for the operation of the railroad communication network, to operate urban railways safely and help passengers use urban railways conveniently.

Service Offerings
  • Automatic Fare Collection (AFC): User-centered services such as one-time ticket issuance, prepaid transportation card charging and counting, automatic ticket collection, and comprehensive management of various statistical data and accounting data.
  • Management information system: Operator-centered services that collect, process, and analyze useful information about decision-making, and provide the system of supporting the network with other equipment and the interface of management data.
  • Information and communication system: Railroad communication network operation services that provide transmission equipment (main control equipment), video equipment to secure the safety of the passenger in an emergency inside the station, and broadcasting equipment and destination guidance equipment to provide convenience. Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM): Providing failure prediction/performance diagnosis services based on various RCM implementation experiences.
Design area
  • Fare system design support
  • Purchase product design support
  • Supporting the network establishment technology
Development area
  • HSE and LSE of the transmission facility
  • Video facility control and LSE
  • Central broadcasting facility and broadcasting equipment
  • HSE and LSE of the train destination indicator system
  • Central railway business center and station equipment
  • Management information system and inspection facility
  • Perfect technology transfer
  • Smooth operation support
  • Quick maintenance
Smart Business

Metanet provides the total solution and service for the urban infrastructure project related with smart business, such as the smart city, IBS, ITS, surveillance, environment, logistics, and information and communication construction work, by converging advanced ICT and engineering technology.

Service Offerings
  • Smart City /U-City
  • IBS (Intelligence Building System)
  • ITS (Intelligent Transportation System)
  • Surveillance
  • Logistics
  • Energy
  • IDC Service
  • Intra Consulting/Integration/Maintenance/Management

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