Freight & Logistics

Freight and logistics

The transportation and logistics market is also facing new challenges due to the growth of the e-commerce market and O2O service and changes in the latest IT. The transportation and logistics industry should change quickly to create new opportunities to meet customer expectations that require flexibility in line with the expansion of the global supply chain.
In addition, it is the most important task to quickly adapt to market changes, in order to maintain market competitiveness, by responding to the supply chain quickly and securing visibility, using various digital solutions for supply chain integration that are released in the market continuously.
Metanet has various solutions and IT to provide the best way of creating value from process efficiency and data-centered insight, and endeavors to provide the most efficient service to customers.

Service offerings
Metanet provides the total solution of strategy establishment, diagnosis/design, construction, and operation for the following areas.
  • PI/ERP, blockchain logistics supply chain, smart logistics, smart warehouse, logistics optimization, big data, analytics, AI & RPA
  • Development of the supply chain management system, consulting on logistics process improvement, unmanned logistics automation, and AI introduction

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