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Integrated Marketing

Developments in IT are driving a more segmented marketing approach. Our solutions can help you maximize marketing productivity and expand both channels and customer reach.

Metanet can help you design tailored marketing activities, retain customers, and enhance long-term marketing productivity with total solutions that drive business performance.

Multi-Channel marketing Management
  • Multi-channel development and execution management (TM, DM, Internet, Smartphone, etc.)
  • Multi-channel marketing process planning and design
  • Multi-channel campaign program planning and operation
  • Campaign performance analysis and reporting
Membership Management Services
  • Customer retention strategy development and execution
  • Loyalty program planning and implementation
  • Campaign planning and execution
  • Solutions development and retention
Custom Application Development & Management
  • Development of customizing systems for marketing and CRM operations
  • Various kinds of marketing application development for mobile devices, such as smartphones.
  • Providing industry-specific templates and knowledge database.
  • Contact center systems, Sales force automation (SFA), Email/mobile marketing, Personalized web services development
  • Channel marketing and sales support portal development

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