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Contact Center

Metanet offers comprehensive call center outsourcing services by integrating the CRM practice based on executives and experts with rich experience in outsourced contact center and CRM consulting.

We provide Total CRM service including, but not limited to CRM consulting, contact center agency services, and contact center facility rental services to offer the best value to our customers.

Owns optimal Interactive Contact Center
  • 9000 seats in the Contact Center
Sufficient human resources
Establishment of Contact center, retaining management specialist
  • Telemarketing and CRM consulting experts
  • Call Center Academy Trainer
  • Professional counselor and monitoring of OA
Hiring experts to manage counselors
Optimum customer Promotion through CRM technology
  • Customer modeling through data mining
  • Conducting a campaign according to product and analysis of customer preference
System Solution
  • Solution for chatting ( kakakotalk & Co-browsing
Setting up the artificial intelligence model, running and verifying the pilot, and AI operation O/S
Intelligence telemarketing operation processes
  • Systematic contact center building process TMRM
  • Manpower management process for the enhancement of work efficiency
Profit Contact Center operation processes
  • Optimal personnel selection system by corporate business
  • Keeping the best consultation quality through regular/constant training
  • Achieving output tha satisfies customer’s needs

Direct Mail Marketing

Metanet Billpost is the leading direct mail fulfillment service provider specialized in direct DM marketing services and professional outsourcing services for the entire printing process from planning, printing, sealing, sending to managing customer database.

Providing services

Cross Media Marketing
The result of the marketing campaign can be maximized by combining channels that are appropriate for the target and offer, using a campaign strategy that makes the most of various customer contact channels, such as TM, e-mail, and mobile, besides DM.
Direct Mail Fulfillment
Outsourcing service for the entire process - from regular invoicing, various advices, and promotion DM to the planning, printing, sealing, and sending of various DMs (direct mails).
Data Management Services
Developing various templates for the diverse type DM, processing a large quantity of variable data; comprehensive solution, process, and specialist for the security of customer information.

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