Contact Center

Metanet provides a total CRM service based on the management and experts with rich experience in contact center outsourcing and CRM consulting, including consulting, IT solution, management, CRM consulting to provide the highest value to the customer, contact center business agency, and contact center facility leasing service.

Contact Center
Operating an optimal interactive
contact center (about 9,000 seats)
  • Finance - 3,700 persons
  • Distribution - 2,300 persons
  • Public institutions - 1,500 persons
  • Other institutions - 1,500 persons
Workforce & nurturing program
Hiring experts for constructing and operating own contact center
  • Telemarketing and CRM consulting experts
  • Call Center Academy Trainer
  • Professional counselor and monitoring of OA
Professional counselor nurturing program
  • Running psychological counseling programs
  • Running leader fostering programs
  • Running IT and digital marketing platform training program
Optimum customer Promotion through CRM technology
  • 데이터 마이닝을 통한 고객 모델링
  • 상품 및 고객성향 분석에 따른 캠페인 수행
System Solution
  • Solution for chatting ( 카카오상담톡 및 Co-browsing)
Setting up the artificial intelligence model, running and verifying the pilot, and AI operation O/S
Intelligence telemarketing operation processes
  • Systematic contact center building process TMRM
  • Manpower management process for the enhancement of work efficiency
Profit Contact Center operation processes
  • Optimal personnel selection system by corporate business
  • Keeping the best consultation quality through regular/constant training
  • Achieving output tha satisfies customer’s needs

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