Business Education

IGM, Metanet's leading corporate educational institution, serves a comprehensive learning platform for people, organization, business, and digital, necessary for companies to grow. Metanet creates changes and achievements in the field by presenting practical programs and solutions that can effectively resolve customer issues.

  • Networked with Business Executives
  • Networked with Diverse Faculty & Industry Experts
  • Networked with Global Management Consulting
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IGM Service Structure

Essential Leadership Development Program for CEO, CxO

  • MMP Innovative X(Masterpieces on Management Program)
  • IDMC(IGM Digital Management Club)
  • DIAMOND for Executive - 7 Points of new leadership capabilities that lead the digital age
  • CEO’s Story about People
  • MMPS(Masterpieces on Management for Success)
  • Breakfast for sharing C-Level management Trend

Digital Transformation DNA Program

  • FRCC(The Future Revolution Club for CxO)
  • Digital Insight & Leadership for Top Executives
  • Digital Expert I, Digital Expert II for Emerging Leaders
  • Digital Boot Camp for All Employees

Emerging Leaders Program

  • 8NEEDs New Executive Course
  • 9-Week MBA Leader/Key Competent Person Course
  • FAST New Team Leader Course
  • Real Impact for Team Manager - Team Development Leadership in the Agile Era

Business Negotiation & Communication School

  • NCP (Negotiation for C-level Program)
  • Ten Commandments of Negotiation
  • Creative Negotiation
  • Appraisal Negotiation
  • 4-Dimensional Negotiation

Programs for developing the essential skills of employees by rank

  • Accelerating Next leaders ’Impact - A next-generation leader course that nurtures next-generation executives ready for the future.
  • Promoting a High-Performance - A junior leader course to create professional brands.
  • The Best Talent Solution for junior - A super junior training course.

7 Points Program for Job Competence Development

  • 7Points of Strategy
  • 7Points of HR
  • 7Points of Finance
  • 7Points of Marketing

B2B Customized Learning Service

  • Providing a “premium learning platform” that drives changes and performance necessary for companies/organizations
  • Value system, strategy, leadership, communication, change, innovation, HR, performance management, digital transformation, new growth engine, etc.

Edu-solving & Consulting

  • Unlike other service providers that unilaterally propose and apply solutions, IGM take an unique approach that improves employees’ competence to solve problems on their own.

Contemporary Business Issues & Trends

  • Feedback Accelerating Skill
  • Motivating MZ(Millennial & Z세대)
  • Human + AI
  • Executive Re;Start-up
  • Go! Extreme Team
  • Winning the Talent War

Learning Center As a Service

  • A cloud-based training center that provides total outsourcing services for established/small and medium-sized businesses
  • IGM knowledge membership: A membership point service that deposits a certain amount of training fees and enables trainees to receive training at any time.

Online Course - Bizcuit

  • Management knowledge can be obtained as easy as eating a biscuit
  • Only 5 minutes! Online knowledge solution that inspires creative problem-solving ideas

Education Facilities & Workshop Service

  • Convenience of access - located in the center of Seoul
  • Premium training facility optimized for corporate training and employee workshops

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