Insurance Brokerage Service

Metanet provides a global insurance brokerage service that provides the best value to customers in all areas of the financial industry, including development, marketing strategies, and affiliate sales of insurance products.

Metanet offers competitive services such as designing and running the program directly using insurance products so that a number of financial institutions, banks, insurance companies, and alliance partners can reap the best marketing results through Acquisition-Growth-Retention Strategy based on accumulated know-how and experience.

Service Offerings
Insurance Brokerage Services
  • Bancassurance
  • Life insurance and indemnity insurance subscribers (individuals or groups)
  • Financial institutions, such as credit card companies and capital companies
  • Marketing of other alliance partners (distributors, carriers, etc.)
Insurance Consulting Services
  • Establish insurance product planning, design, and operation plan
  • Establish insurance product feasibility analysis and portfolio strategy
  • Multi-channel marketing process planning and design
  • Multi-channel campaign program planning and operation
  • Campaign performance analysis and reporting
Digital Marketing
  • Online branding, designing promotion strategy and Integrated Marketing
  • Planning and execution of email/mobile based event promotion.
Social Marketing Services
  • Establish social media marketing strategies and channel operation agency (community, blog, social media)
  • Social Analysis Services

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