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Meta CABIS_ Capital Business Information System

Capital Business Information System

CABIS is a scalable solution that universally applies common core tasks selected on the basis of extensive experience building and operating capital and credit finance functions, while delivering bespoke functionality that meets customer requirements.

Proven solution
A solution deployed in financial institutions and continually innovated to reflect the latest learnings in the SI space.
Easy and convenient business processing
Process standardization that supports productivity growth and quality delivery by reflecting specific requirements around job processing flow.
Optimized customer management
Real-time integration of customer-oriented transactions and contact information to provide comprehensive, user-specific customer information.
Powerful product management
To shorten the lead time by launching new products using the parameter system and improving ease of use by copying the features of existing products.
Flexible channel management
To shorten the time period required to launch a new channel and deploy new products quickly.
PLAN-DO-SEE based charges storage and debt management
To provide payment information in advance across multiple channels, with customer-centered effective debt counseling and recovery management.
  • Capital : Donghwa Capital, JT-Capital, CXC Capital
  • Credit card : Lotte Card, Woori Card, BC Card, KB Card
  • Others : W-Savings Bank, POSCO Capital, Hi-Capital

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