Risk Craft™ SUITE

RiskCraftTM.SUITE is a total solution for market, credit, and operational risk management and a derivatives valuation library where those risks can be managed adguatedy by financial institutions according to BIS regulations.
The market risk management system measures and analyzes market risk of financial instruments and derivatives in the trading book using the standardized approach and internal model approaches. The credit risk management system measures credit risk of assets in the banking book using the standardized approach, the internal ratings based approach, and the MtM method. The operational risk management system manages the causes of non-financial losses and measures the resulting risks using the standardized approach and the advanced measurement approach.
The derivatives valuation library provides evaluation functions of various financial instruments and their derivatives.

  • Technology : To perform optimal risk management, various calibration techniques, optimization techniques, and distributed parallel processing functions developed
  • Transparency : Real-time integration of customer-oriented transactions and contact information to provide comprehensive, user-specific customer information.
  • Powerful product management : To ensure transparency of the risk management, multidimensional drill-down and intermediate information inquiry functions and detailed manuals provided
  • Flexibility : The risk management system must be flexible enough to reflect financial company’s characteristics in various variables including risk factors and portfolio settings. RiskCraft ™ .SUITE is implemented in multi-case architecture, so you can flexibly apply the system for regulatory purposes or internal analysis purposes.

NH Bank, Busan Bank, Daegu Bank, K-Bank, Shinhan Investment, NH Investment & Securities, Korea Investment & Securities, Meritz Securities, Kyobo Life Insurance, Heungkuk Life Insurance, Hanwha General Insurance, SBI Savings Bank, Korea Securities Finance, etc. Over 50 financial institutions


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