MetaHUB ™ Intelligent contact center solution

MetaHUB is an intelligent contact center solution that enables integrated customer communication management by converging know-how about contact center consulting business and new technologies.

Solution features

User-oriented design and convenience

  • Familiar UI/UX and functions that are developed based on user's work environment makes the solution very convenient.
  • All functions are running on the web without installing S/W separately, and systems can be integrated as the counseling App provides IPCC management, integrated statistics, and single sign-on.

Optimized operating system and stability

  • Provides the stability of two-stage redundancy with physical server redundancy configuration by S/W module.
  • Supports quick system recovery without call drop in case of system failure.


  • Easy to expand by adding software.
  • Hardware and software expansion without business interruption.

System interoperability

  • Supports service interoperability based on international standard technology in any environment without platform limitation.
  • Support interoperability with various channel systems based on the latest web technology and SIP.

Expansion of work by applying new technology

  • Easy to apply a virtual agent such as voice recognition and linking with the voice chatbot.
  • Replaces the physical phone on the counselor's seat and supports non-face-to-face service using WebRTC.
  • Meta IPCC logo

    An integrated contact center system based on the ALL SIP standard, which provides the visible IVR, 080 call blocking IVR, and intelligent caller identification service.

  • Meta ICS logo

    One-stop customer counseling service that links multi-channel counseling with internal and external systems.
    Reflected UI configuration and business processes to improve the productivity of counselors, and provides monitoring and statistics systems, systems, and data management services.

  • Meta KMS logo

    A service to manage counselors’ job skills and for communication, which is equipped with the function of sharing counseling job knowledge, job test, and community function for communication with counselors.

  • Meta Chat logo

    A web/App chat counseling service that can be accessed from various platform environments. Supports Kakao Counseling Talk and Meta AI chatbot link. Customers can adopt a chat counseling service as a SaaS with a monthly fee without any burden of initial installation cost.

  • Meta AI logo

    A chatbot service middleware platform that is composed of Chatbot Builder, which manages user inquiry analysis and answer composition, and understanding learning , Dialog Manger, which manages service process running and query history, and Chatbot Insight, which presents re-learning guides by analyzing the conversation results.


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