DATAWARE_Data governance solution

The meta, quality, flow, impact analysis, data migration, and operation management solution for the systematic and structure operation and management of the data, which is the essence of the system, by viewing it from the enterprise perspective for optimal management, basically complies with international web standards and is compatible with e-government framework. The service can be provided without dependency on the OS and browser, as the service module is configured optimally for the on-premise environment or cloud environment. All solutions can be installed separately as plug-ins, and provide an optimal environment for operation management as they are provided as a single integrated management portal based on the web.

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DA# is the core software of the DATAWARE solution, which is a data architecture modeling and management solution that systematizes the data structure (essence of the information system), and designs and manages the entire process of the data architecture. DA# supports flexible response to the business environment of the enterprise and quick response to changes, by comprehensively supporting the entire process of data architecture development - from outline models to conceptual, logical, and physical model.
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META# is a tool that enables consistent control and management of all phases of the data structure using functions such as data standard management, data structure management, DBMS information management, and data meta impact analysis. In addition, it is a systematic metadata management system that can increase productivity by supporting data structure management function by linking with modeling tools, and improve stability when operating the system by providing information on the impact level of data changes.
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DQ# is a tool that helps the enterprise build top data quality management processes and systems by measuring, analyzing, and controlling data quality systematically, so that they can improve the quality level of their data, which is their important asset. That is, it is a data quality control system that can secure high quality data by extracting error data through the application of profiling or business rules, and monitoring data quality continually by analyzing the cause of incorrect data and conducting improvement activities.
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AP# automatically gathers & parses DB catalogue information of the system and application source in different languages to single/integrated Repository and provide accurate structure & relevant information between those. Through this, we support application change & efficient maintenance system such as danger prevention, improved work efficiency, AS-IS cost reduction according to the application change of the enterprise.
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DF# is a data flow analysis solution that manages the enterprise data structure systematically and efficiently through comprehensive collection and analysis, in order to track the flow of the system and data in an integrated manner, which are the important assets of the enterprise.
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Unlike typical ETL solutions, ETT# processes data extraction, conversion, loading, and verification effectively and reliably, and provides enterprise data to necessary element in time to facilitate data analysis and utilization, which increases the value of data as an enterprise asset. ETT# is provided as a high availability data integration tool for data migration and cloud migration for the development of the next-generation system.
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SQL# provides the access right of the user who accesses data that is consistent with the data management policy-governance policy, CRUD history and control, and data masking, as well as the JDBC standard interface and SQL tools in various environments for customer DB operations.
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DATAWARE ™ xDrive (DV#) integrates distributed databases, files, and big data into a virtual data layer in a separate memory space and provides an environment for real-time access to the latest data. The implementation period is shorter and data source change is easier than physical DB integration. It also controls access to virtualized data or provides the function of access history logging and data masking for security.
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DV# supports efficient resource use and guarantees stable performance by providing major functions for the database (exclusive for Oracle) such as performance monitoring, schema, storage, and rights management, and by selecting and managing the elements that affect the performance of the database. Therefore, this professional solution helps general developers to write SQL statements and perform professional analysis conveniently, by assisting database operation in an optimal state.

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