Meta CIMS-E_
Marine Shipbuilding Production
management specialized ERP solutions

Meta CIMS-E was developed as a specialist ERP solution for Marine Shipbuilding Equipment companies, reflecting more than a decade of experience in building and operating Marine Shipbuilding Equipment manufacturing management systems.

Marine Shipbuilding sector (equipment)-specific solutions
An integrated system of design, production, and materials information to provide consistent information with frequent design changes. It will establish each code system such as Design BOM, and POR to provide information and support by working in association with shipyards.
Customer-optimized services for equipment production management
Embed processes from quotation to delivery for early settlement to reflect diverse production management needs and provide optimized and personalized ERP services.
Experienced and proven solutions to contribute to enhancing competitiveness
The services are based on a number of ERP applications/operating experiences of equipment manufacturers in Marine Shipbuilding. It will contribute to value creation and competitiveness with proven ERP system application and maintenance services.

Integrated production system development for COSCO shipbuilding plant in China, Integrated production system development or DSIC shipbuilding plant in China, ERP development for DSSC shipbuilding plant in China, Integrated production system development for Samjin Shipbuilding Industries in China, ERP system development of Mangalia shipbuilding plant in Romania,


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