BCMS_Business Continuity
Management Systems

The BCMS is an management system used to secure business continuity in disaster and crisis situations. The system has an established procedure to cope with disasters - in order of alleviation relief activity at the time of an incident/disaster, emergency response activity, business resumption activity, and restoration activity. Meta BCMS supports major functions needed to set up the BCP and simulation training and incident response based on the standard operation procedure, so that the established BCP can be activated quickly when a disaster actually happens.

Key features
  • Capital : Donghwa Capital, JT-Capital, CXC Capital
  • Credit card : Lotte Card, Woori Card, BC Card, KB Card
  • Others : W-Savings Bank, POSCO Capital, Hi-Capital

Simulation training system for Presidential Archives, Development of the integrated disaster prevention system for Busan City, Operation management of the enterprise disaster recovery plan for Hynix, Disaster response system management system for Kangwon Land, Development of BCP operation management for National Tax Service


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