Metanet provides specialized cyber security services that lead the intelligent security paradigm required in the 4th industrial revolution.
Metanet offers a more advanced cyber security response system that improves security threat response and forecast capabilities, by covering the entire area of cyber security, ranging from security consulting to operation and global security solution.

Service Offerings

Metanet Tplatform provides the service of security strategy establishment and system development optimized for customer's business strategy and environment. 
Metanet Tplatform builds a GRC framework for business risk management, and provides consulting about the suitability of the information security management system developed and operated by the enterprise itself to prevent the leak and damage of major information assets in advance, and provides the service of developing a cyber threat intelligence platform.

Building a GRC framework
Provides the information security governance, compliance, risk, and enterprise’s security process definition on a single platform.
  • Security GRC consulting
  • Developing a security business and compliance management solution
  • Developing a risk management system
Security consulting
Most suitable for the enterprise by providing the consulting service to protect the enterprise assets from various cyber threats, based on expert security knowledge.
Establishes an information security system and information security development plan.
  • Compliance consulting
  • Consulting about the information security management system
  • Cloud security consulting
  • Consulting about establishing an information security architecture
Security platform development
Provides an integrated security control platform based on intelligence to protect assets from security threats that are becoming intelligent.
  • Building an intelligence-based SOC platform
  • Designing an analysis architecture based on the big data platform
  • Developing an risk management system based on vulnerabilities
  • cisco
  • fireeye
  • fortinet
  • ibm
  • rsa
  • symantec
  • thales

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