Data Consulting

Encore, which manages the data service business of Metanet, is a “comprehensive consulting partner” hiring expert data consultants and solution architects for the entire industry including finance, manufacturing, distribution, telecommunications, and public sector. Encore guarantees optimal productivity and the best service quality by substantiating various experiences and accumulated know-how with 150 experts in the entire data processing area, based on EDF ™ (Enterprise Data Framework), a data consulting methodology based on 2 decades of data consulting know-how, including next-generation system development, data design, integration, migration, performance management, quality control, governance.

  • Data architecture
    • DA
    • Data Modeling
    • DA Inspection
    • ISP – DA
  • Database
    • Tuning
    • DBA Outsourcing
  • Data quality
    • Set Data Management System
    • Data Quality Consulting
    • Data Standardization
    • Build Data Quality Management System
  • Big data
    • Data Governance
    • Meta-Data Management
    • Design DA Group
    • PMO Management
  • Data migration
    • Design Data Migration
  • Next generation system
    • Nest generation system
  • System remodeling
    • Set Data Link/Integration Plan & Management System
  • ISP / EAP
    • Conduct Research, Analysis, Verification
    • Information Strategy Synchronization
    • Set Information Strategy System
  • DW / BI
    • Data Integration
    • DW
    • BI

Data analysis and utilization strategy

Metanet provides consulting services for establishing management strategies, marketing strategies, and data utilization strategies by collecting and processing internal and various external data of the enterprise, based on the data analysis capability that draws more attention in the big data era. Metanet also provides various services related to analytics through data processing, distribution and data platform development.

  • Data strategy
    • Select Analysis Topic
    • Data Architecture
    • Strategy Consulting
    • Big Data Utilization Strategy
    • Data ISP
  • Data integrated processing
    • Processing for Data Utilization
    • Integrated Processing Management of Big Data
  • Data utilization analysis
    • Data Analysis Algorithm
    • Closed-loop Process Consulting for Data Utilization
    • Business Analysis
  • Marketing service
    • Effective Marketing Channel & Campaign Analysis
    • CRM
    • Target Marketing Support
  • Monitoring
    • Performance Evaluation on Performance Utilization
    • Data Utilization Monitoring Development
  • Data broker
    • Data Gathering
    • Data Selling (Broker)
    • Data Insight
    • Data Platform

Cloud data migration

The process of converting an on-premises commercial DBMS to a cloud open source DBMS is divided into two cases - converting the data structure into the heterogeneous DBMS without change and data migration that converts the data structure. Encore guarantees excellent efficiency in data migration, which is a huge hurdle of cloud migration, based on the experience in 100% successful data migration and methodology for numerous next-generation system development.

Analysis and design
Data migration
Migration completion and operation
same data model
1:1 conversion
  • Application SQL collection
  • Performance analysis by SQL
  • Application impact analysis
  • Unused table/App extraction
  • Data quality check
  • Schema conversion
  • Data transfer/consistency verification
  • SQL transformation
  • Transformed SQL validation
  • Application SQL collection and comparison
  • SQL performance tuning
  • Data quality check
  • Data management system
  • Data security
Data model
Next generation
  • Application SQL collection
  • Application impact analysis
  • Unused table/App extraction
  • Data quality check
  • As-Is data standard/model analysis
  • Model update/Data standardization
  • To-Be standard/model
  • New SQL creation
  • SQL tuning
  • Table/Column mapping
  • Data mapping & transformation execution
  • Data consistency verification
  • Application development support
  • SQL performance tuning
  • Data quality check
  • Data management system
  • Data security

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