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A chatbot is a digital service that responds to customer’s requirements automatically. The messenger function that is familiar to the customer meets a new technology called “artificial intelligence” and evolves into a “chatbot”.
Enterprises can save costs and switch to a 24x7 service system by replacing the general consultation area of the call center and telemarketer works with a chatbot.

Maximum MCC, the largest contact center outsourcing company in Korea, provides a service that develops/operates a chatbot optimized for each customer.


AI (Artificial Intelligence) encompasses all technologies that enables machines to sense, understand, behave, and learn by themselves.
The AI technology is creating a new method of running an enterprise and new growth strategy. AI can create a new growth opportunity through the growth of production, cost saving, and switching to a more creative business model.

As core technologies are developed such as machine learning and deep learning, AI create innovative services as it is introduced in various areas, such as the Internet service, mobile, IoT device, smart car, finance, security, and marketing.

Metanet is an innovation partner that supports strategies and technologies, so that customers can improve their business competitiveness using the AI technology.
Metanet provides the latest AI-related technology by cooperating with global AI technology leading companies such as IBM and Microsoft.


Industrial Internet of Thins (IoT) is a key driver of changing the future.
A standard is established that enables people to move towards a better life by creating values, using the IoT’s function of machine learning, big data, and Machine-to-Machine.

Omni Channel

An omni channel refers to a shopping environment that makes the customer feel like the customer is buying at one shop regardless of the channel, by connecting various channels organically, such as online, offline, and mobile.
Metanet provides a strategic IT technology that can realize the omni channel effectively, which change the paradigm of the distribution industry.


Blockchain is a distributed database that records, saves, and shares all activity details on the network in real time. 
As a transaction is verified by many transaction parties, not a central authority like a bank, the blockchain has the characteristics that the hacking risk is low and all saved information is opened to all participants transparently.
In addition, unnecessary procedures can be removed in connection with the transaction, because it can be configured to allow a transaction only when a particular condition is met. 
Blockchain can contribute to the simplification of the business process and improvement of security and transparency.

Metanet provides strategic advice and technology so that the customer can reduce cost and create a new revenue model using the blockchain.


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