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Optimizing Across The Lifecycle

Application Development

The unrelenting pace of application development requires constant learning, innovation and test and build approaches to deploy the right solution faster and with timely updates. IT is changing. As the development cycle is shortened, directors in charge of the IT should introduce a method of application maintenance/development that can be assembled quickly, which also supports dynamic business requirements such as DevOps and modular architecture.

Metanet gives you the flexibility and resources you need to address IT capacity challenges and
increase business capacity to scale at speed and meet fast changing business demands.

Specific Services
  • Application Analysis and Development Services
  • Application Testing Services
  • Application Maintenance Services
  • Program and Project Management Services


DevOps encourages a consistent process and way of thinking regarding communication and collaboration among development, OA, and IT operation. The Metanet DevOps service support the successful competition of the enterprise in the current business environment that changes fast.

Metanet’s helps you define, implement and run DevOps to compete successfully in today’s fast changing business world.

Goals of DevOps

The concrete objective of DevOps encompasses the entire system life cycle. It includes the reduction of the service application time by improving the development period, reducing the failure rate of new releases, shortening of the modified lead time, reduction of the average recovery time when a new release conflict occurs, and deactivation of the previous release.

Benefits of DevOps

The significant benefits of DevOps include shorter time-to-market, improved customer satisfaction, better product quality, more reliable releases, improved productivity and increased ability to build the right product by fast experimentation.

Application Modernization

Our enhancement and modernization services enable IT leaders to divest dispensable operating costs—reducing capital spending and freeing staff for new strategic and revenue-engendering initiatives. Metanet gives an answer to legacy application migration, and platform movement or modification.

We add value from existing applications, transforming legacy applications to achieve high performance, while reducing costs, limiting disruptions and decreasing risk.

Specific Services

Metanet provides various services so that enterprises can obtain the maximum value from existing applications.

Remediation and re-platform services
Improvement points are identified by diagnosing the existing legacy system and successful business cases about application innovation is provided, based on an accurate understanding.
Suggestion and application health assessment
The business requirement of the application is extracted for more analysis or management after systemizing as a business rule set for pure engineering purposes.
Migration and business rules mining services
Migrate to a standards-based environment with minimum business disruption by extracting business requirements for natural language processing or forward engineering.
Platform Switching Service
Metanet supports the accommodation of changes in the platform-based technology and securing flexible convergence among solutions.
Migration Services
Metanet provides standardization based on migration experience in various environments, and minimizes business interruption.


Metanet Architecture Services help you define a foundational technology architecture.

Our architecture services focus on maximizing scalability and performance through our architecture assessment on both custom software implementation and integration of multiple systems.

We support advanced capabilities in business application and system development to support architecture and strategy development, systems engineering and DevOps services, to help clients realize:

  • Cost effective, predictable and agile IT systems
  • New system development to improved quality and speed
  • Architecture-based solutions for testing effectiveness
  • Approaches leveraging new and proven technologies to innovation
Specific Services

Architecture assessment and strategy define the technology vision, objectives, principles, standards and roadmap to guide prioritization, operations and management.

Software Engineering

Metanet has studied, analyzed, and tested new developments, and built the capability in the open source technology (e.g., PaaS) and modern web application development.


DevOps looks at development and operation in the same way, and pursues the best management performance of the IT service.
Metanet possesses capabilities as the best partner that holds systematic DevOps know-how, and supports the definition and implementation of the DevOps strategy that saves the operating expenses regarding customer’s IT changes, and increases the provision speed and resiliency of the production system at the same time.


Raise productivity with continuous testing to manage digital change.

Amid the shift to digital, global companies are struggling to navigate the increased complexity and accelerated lead times of new ways of working. We help global companies rethink and reinvent applications around delivering a continuous customer experience and protecting the brand. This is an area that will increasingly differentiate high performing companies as the digital transformation develops.

Our testing services help companies drive continuous quality and efficiency as part of a broader digital transformation program.

Specific Services

We offer completely comprehensive testing services across a wide array of applications, digital technologies and industrial sectors.


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