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Meta GEMS_Greenhouse-Gas and Energy Management System

Meta GEMS (Greenhouse-Gas and Energy Management System) is an optimized energy management solution that enables sustainable cost reductions through shaping a complete response to greenhouse gas•energy target management. Our offerings reflect our market-leading experience in the area of GEMS with leading Korean companies.

EMIS energy system integrated control system
Top-down visibility of energy status, integrated performance analysis with ISO 50001 compliance and emissions trading experience to shape a forward-looking response to the megawatt market
EOS system optimal energy control systems
Process equipment, utilities, automatic control for equipment to support efficiency. Optimal operation modeling and big data analysis
IoT database equipment sensing data infrastructure building
Collection of operational equipment on process equipment, utility facilities, support facilities. Installation of power meters, current meters, thermometers, and pressure gauges.
System interface integrated with existing systems
Integrated with existing ERP, MES, facility management, GEMS, SCADA, HMI, and PLC systems.

Hyundai MOBIS, Hyundai WIA, Hyundai Steel, Hankook Tire, Samsung Display, Daewoo Shipbuilding Engineering, Sungdong Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, Doosan Infracore, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction, Poongsan, Dongbu Daewoo Electronics, Halla Climate Control, Sempio Foods, Binggrae, CKD Bio, Jaewon Industrial, Ansan City, Naju City, Hanyang University, Samsung Life Insurance, etc.

Capital Business Information System

CABIS is a scalable solution that universally applies common core tasks selected on the basis of extensive experience building and operating capital and credit finance functions, while delivering bespoke functionality that meets customer requirements.

Proven solution
A solution deployed in financial institutions and continually innovated to reflect the latest learnings in the SI space.
Easy and convenient business processing
Process standardization that supports productivity growth and quality delivery by reflecting specific requirements around job processing flow.
Optimized customer management
Real-time integration of customer-oriented transactions and contact information to provide comprehensive, user-specific customer information.
Powerful product management
To shorten the lead time by launching new products using the parameter system and improving ease of use by copying the features of existing products.
Flexible channel management
To shorten the time period required to launch a new channel and deploy new products quickly.
PLAN-DO-SEE based charges storage and debt management
To provide payment information in advance across multiple channels, with customer-centered effective debt counseling and recovery management.
  • Capital : Donghwa Capital, JT-Capital, CXC Capital
  • Credit card : Lotte Card, Woori Card, BC Card, KB Card
  • Others : W-Savings Bank, POSCO Capital, Hi-Capital

Meta Payroll_Payroll Outsourcing Solution

Payroll is operated with different payment and deduction criteria by each company. Meta Payroll was invented developing as a method of standardizing these different payment types in a single system. Meta-Payroll provides various payroll based services efficiently that can be a tool for the HR department - from the start-up to global enterprises.

Key features
A solution that responds to the growth and change of customer business
Metanet has the technology and infrastructure that can supports the customer in line with customer’s business area expansion.
Metanet has experience, method, and technology that can support the smooth interface between old and new system, even though a new ERP system is developed or new HCM is introduced.
Convenient modular solution
The existing HR system has a failure risk due to an expensive development cost and long development period.
However, the Meta Payroll system is convenient as it is based on cloud and only intended modules can be introduced selectively with a proper size.
Robust personal information protection and security policy
Information security is most important for the HR information, as it contains the very sensitive personal information. Meta Payroll is protected by the ISMS (Information Security Management System) of the Korea Internet & Security Agency, and maintains the information security system that can be trusted by the customer, by applying strong security policies and solutions.

100 companies including Pulmuone, Orion, Costco (Korea), Nielsen (Korea), Nestle (Korea), Hancom, SM Entertainment, Novelis (Korea), TUV_SUD (Korea), Mercer (Korea), Hana INS (IT entity of Hana Financial Group)

Website :

Meta University ERP_Comprehensive college administration solution

Meta University ERP is an integrated solution for educational institutions that are composed of the academic affairs administration, general administration, research administration and annexed administration system.
The academic affairs administration system manages the life cycle of end to end academic affairs - from admission management, subject and class organization, school record management to graduation assessment. The general administration system supports the administration of various school staffs such as HR, payroll, budget, accounting, facility, and general affairs. The research administration system is designed to support research, which is the intrinsic function of the college, from the administration aspect.

Key features
Outstanding experience and knowledge
Meta University ERP has led the industry for 20 years with experience of over 50 projects building total administrative systems for universities.
Meta University ERP has led the industry for 20 years with experience of over 50 projects building total administrative systems for universities.
As the technology evolves from the client/server architecture and development using the X-Internet/RIA tool to the HTML 5 standard authoring tool now, this solution can be used with the Windows OS, Mac OS, and various mobile devices if the web browser complying with the web standard is installed.
Quick development and deployment
The development flow is clear as the front end is completely separated from the back end, and simple source structure makes program build and deployment easy.

Next-generation system of Seoul National University, EDWARD system of Keimyung University, Next-generation system of Incheon National University, Next-generation system of Korea Polytechnic University.

Meta CIMS-E_
Marine Shipbuilding Production management specialized ERP solutions

Meta CIMS-E was developed as a specialist ERP solution for Marine Shipbuilding Equipment companies, reflecting more than a decade of experience in building and operating Marine Shipbuilding Equipment manufacturing management systems.

Marine Shipbuilding sector (equipment)-specific solutions
An integrated system of design, production, and materials information to provide consistent information with frequent design changes. It will establish each code system such as Design BOM, and POR to provide information and support by working in association with shipyards.
Customer-optimized services for equipment production management
Embed processes from quotation to delivery for early settlement to reflect diverse production management needs and provide optimized and personalized ERP services.
Experienced and proven solutions to contribute to enhancing competitiveness
The services are based on a number of ERP applications/operating experiences of equipment manufacturers in Marine Shipbuilding. It will contribute to value creation and competitiveness with proven ERP system application and maintenance services.

Integrated production system development for COSCO shipbuilding plant in China, Integrated production system development or DSIC shipbuilding plant in China, ERP development for DSSC shipbuilding plant in China, Integrated production system development for Samjin Shipbuilding Industries in China, ERP system development of Mangalia shipbuilding plant in Romania,

Meta Solme_
Centralized Document Solutions

Document capitalization solution migrates comprehensive electronic files to the cloud to increase enterprise competitiveness by expanding the sharing and use of content and by being on the control and security systems for unauthorized use.

  • Consulting in context for the company's circumstances, responsible for changing behaviors.
  • Working in the same environment as your PC offers an easy-to-use interface for each device.
  • Free from ransomware threat through encrypted content.
  • It is highly scalable – can handle from 100 to more than 30,000 users.
  • We are a safe and reliable partner of a strategic consulting specialist company for centralized documentation management.

Website :


ECM for SL, Jinyang Oilseal, Yura, Jinhap, OSG Korea

BCMS_Business Continuity
Management Systems

Business Continuity Management Systems

The BCMS is an management system used to secure business continuity in disaster and crisis situations. The system has an established procedure to cope with disasters - in order of alleviation relief activity at the time of an incident/disaster, emergency response activity, business resumption activity, and restoration activity. Meta BCMS supports major functions needed to set up the BCP and simulation training and incident response based on the standard operation procedure, so that the established BCP can be activated quickly when a disaster actually happens.

Key features
  • Capital : Donghwa Capital, JT-Capital, CXC Capital
  • Credit card : Lotte Card, Woori Card, BC Card, KB Card
  • Others : W-Savings Bank, POSCO Capital, Hi-Capital

Simulation training system for Presidential Archives, Development of the integrated disaster prevention system for Busan City, Operation management of the enterprise disaster recovery plan for Hynix, Disaster response system management system for Kangwon Land, Development of BCP operation management for National Tax Service

Solme e-Note

A total solution for electronic research note management that supports every phase of researcher’s research activities - from research start to research result reporting and making intellectual property (research note creation → check → time stamping → storage → search, etc.).

Risk Craft™ SUITE

RiskCraftTM.SUITE is a total solution for market, credit, and operational risk management and a derivatives valuation library where those risks can be managed adguatedy by financial institutions according to BIS regulations.
The market risk management system measures and analyzes market risk of financial instruments and derivatives in the trading book using the standardized approach and internal model approaches. The credit risk management system measures credit risk of assets in the banking book using the standardized approach, the internal ratings based approach, and the MtM method. The operational risk management system manages the causes of non-financial losses and measures the resulting risks using the standardized approach and the advanced measurement approach.
The derivatives valuation library provides evaluation functions of various financial instruments and their derivatives.

Key features
  • Technology : To perform optimal risk management, various calibration techniques, optimization techniques, and distributed parallel processing functions developed
  • Transparency : Real-time integration of customer-oriented transactions and contact information to provide comprehensive, user-specific customer information.
  • Powerful product management : To ensure transparency of the risk management, multidimensional drill-down and intermediate information inquiry functions and detailed manuals provided
  • Flexibility : The risk management system must be flexible enough to reflect financial company’s characteristics in various variables including risk factors and portfolio settings. RiskCraft ™ .SUITE is implemented in multi-case architecture, so you can flexibly apply the system for regulatory purposes or internal analysis purposes.

NH Bank, Busan Bank, Daegu Bank, K-Bank, Shinhan Investment, NH Investment & Securities, Korea Investment & Securities, Meritz Securities, Kyobo Life Insurance, Heungkuk Life Insurance, Hanwha General Insurance, SBI Savings Bank, Korea Securities Finance, etc. Over 50 financial institutions


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