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Metanet Cloud provides customized services for your enterprise ranging from consulting to deployment, operation and management.
We design the full steps from cloud strategy optimized for the environment and needs of your business to cloud migration for higher cost-efficiency.

Business Area
Cloud Consulting
We develop an optimized cloud strategy and provide an adoption roadmap.
  • Cloud-native application
  • Digital transformation via cloud (AI/ML, Big Data, Blockchain, IoT)
  • Cost optimization (TCO analysis and cloud cost options)
Cloud migration
We analyze your business characteristics to migrate to the cloud reliably and efficiently.
  • Infra migration (re-host, re-platform)
  • Application migration (re-factoring, re-architect)
  • DevOps (cloud foundry, container, MSA, K8s)
Cloud operation
We provide customized managed services for more stable business operation.
  • Optimized cloud
  • Managed services
  • Cloud-based IT outsourcing
Service Offerings
Public Cloud
By altering the fixed costs into variable costs, we optimize cost structure to enhance business agility amid the rapid changes in the market.
  • Various cloud services without initial investment
  • Economical use of resources
  • Minimize costs for IT development and operation
Private Cloud
Building an exclusive cloud environment on an enterprise's dedicated resource pool enables flexible system design and robust security for your organization.
  • Custom cloud environment for client system as required
  • Custom cloud environment for client management policy and security level
  • Flexible in urgency and capacity control for instant and mass data services
Hybrid Cloud
Hybrid Cloud combines the merits of public/private cloud and on-premise system, while complements flaws
  • Apply merits of public/private cloud
  • Unified management and operation environment
  • Agile for business expansion
  • Maintain the existing environment
Microsoft Azure
What is Azure?

Microsoft Azure is an ever-expanding set of cloud services to help your organization meet your business challenges. It’s the freedom to build, manage, and deploy applications on a massive, global network using your favorite tools and frameworks.
Integrated suite, DevOps and marketplace can help you build mobile applications and internet-scale solutions more efficiently.

Integrated IaaS + PaaS

Microsoft Azure integrated IaaS and PaaS, and provides with variety of cloud service stacks from global centers.

Open and Flexible Platform

Microsoft Azure supports diverse operating systems, programming languages, framework, tools, database and devices, and enables moving an Hyper-V Virtual Machine across data centers without converting.


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