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Metanet Security serves all areas of cyber security, from security consulting to managed detection, response to leading global security solutions.

New and advanced cyber security has become one of the key issues in the fourth industrial revolution, when technologies such as autonomous vehicle, open banking and block chains are rapidly changing.
Metanet Security proposes a more sophisticated cyber security system that leverages big data analytics and automation to increase security threat response and forecasting.

Service Offerings
Metanet Security provides customers with security strategy and system implementation services optimized for their business strategy and environment.
  • GRC consulting
  • SOC (Security Operation Center) consulting
  • Security strategy consulting
  • Security maturity assessment
Intelligent Security Operation
Metanet Security leverages human-machine integrated Intelligent Security Operation model to increase efficiency and minimize errors of current security operation by event or solution.
Metanet Security applies threat intelligence and machine learning to the customer's SOC platform and reduces the human resources required to respond to security incidents and security event analysis, and improves the quality of analytics.
  • Human-machine integrated security operation model design and operation
  • Advanced Analytics
Security Solutions
Metanet Security provides comprehensive IT security solutions that are proven secure, reliable and easy to use.
Metanet Security’s professional cyber security engineers are teamed to develop and maintain the best cyber security system for your enterprise.
  • Network security
  • APT response
  • Endpoint security
  • Cloud security
  • DB security
  • Certification
  • Personal information management
  • Network performance management
  • Vulnerability diagnosis
  • Integrated security management
  • ground labs
  • netscout
  • positive technologies
  • rea
  • sonicwall
  • symantec
  • thales
  • 브이엠솔루션

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